Displays of flags and flowers

The beginning of June starts the last day of this week. Time sure marches along in a fast hurry.

I checked the Community Gardens the other day. Amazing how many plots in the past week are planted and growing. I hope farmers are doing as well in getting their corn and beans planted. We’ve had plenty of rain to slow things down. My bleeding heart plant is doing well.

Sunday afternoon my sister, Cecelia, her friend, Mary, and I attended the Memorial Day services at Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery, 7 miles north of Little Falls. It is so touching just to be there…to see a United States flag at each of the 7,400 plus grave markers, all the large flags blowing in the wind, all the military personnel present and all the people who came out for the event. A little less wind would have made it more comfortable. This cemetery opened in 1994. There was lots of digging going on in preparation for installation of 800 new vaults.

The second of the large paintings by Charles Kapsner was on display. The first painting honored the Army. This second one is in honor of the Navy. In a couple months it will be ready to be hung up in the Committal room at the Veterans Cemetery.

We have four flags flying in our cemetery. One is for Sister Cornelia Lee who was an army nurse. She died in 1943. The other flags are for three priests buried in our cemetery who had served in the military. I think we should also put a flag by Sr. Marcella’s grave as she served on Ship Hope near Viet Nam.

While out-and-about the other day, I checked out Sr. Deb’s flower garden. It is doing well.

God bless you. Peace.
Sister Mary Lou

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