Starting to bloom, full-force!

April 29, 2013

Spring has arrived with a possible short fallback toward the end of the week for a couple days. Sr. Helen’s little flower patch is starting to bloom full-force. Let us praise God for the beauty we see all around us.

Saturday I went looking for a dandelion…and found 6 of them. For me, a dandelion is the first indication that spring is really here…it has taken a long time to arrive this year.

The other day Sr. Carolyn and two of her friends were making music for the Sisters living on second floor. Sr. Sylvia was keeping time to the music with her feet and Sr. Ida doing the same with her hands on her lap. It is fun to see the Sisters enjoy the entertainment.

In the dining room we have a display of the water color paintings done “by a student”. They are really quite lovely. I think one of the Sisters was the teacher, but I don’t know who.

Last week we celebrated the Volunteer Department. Kathy gets many volunteers who help in all sorts of places. Her bulletin board was decorated with MANY hats because volunteers do wear many hats in the various works they do around here. In 2012, 304 volunteers contributed 13,400+ hours keeping the Clothes Review open, helping in the Gift Shop, the Kitchen, the Gardens, at Fundraisers, the Blood Drives, the Music Center, Clare Residence, Community Relations, Driving, Maintenance, the Library, Health and Recreation, and for numerous special events like the Green Fair.

For many years, a pair of ducks have made their nest in the corner of the enclosed courtyard. Mother duck is there again this year. She is so well camouflaged one needs to be very near to see her, and then the shiny black eye is the first thing one sees.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the Nurses have their Leadership Symposium here in St. Francis Hall. Some stay overnight here and others go to a motel. They come from all over the State. We are expecting about 22 people.

Thursday evening we have Taize Prayer at 6 p.m. in chapel. This hour-long prayer has a lot of time for quiet meditation.

Sunday is the First Sunday of the month and thus we have Adoration from after Mass until the end of evening Prayer at 4:30 p.m. spirit of Jesus, be with us.

Peace and blessings, Sister Mary Lou

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