Roses delight in November

November 12, 2012

In one day: bright sunshine, fog, thunder and lightening, rain, and snow. That’s what Saturday was. We got about ½ inch of rain here in Little Falls. This morning there was snow covering the grassy spots and our low temp was 13 degrees. We’d better get started getting used to these temps! It’s 23 right now.

This morning we celebrated the 90th birthday of Sr. Maureen Blenkush. She was enjoying every minute of the special attention. Thank you, Sister, for all your years of ministry as a Franciscan Sister…and all your humor so have generously shared.

Saturday evening’s program by The Rose Ensemble was FANTASTIC! The singing was great! The title of the program was Il Poverello, the story of St. Francis. They are not afraid to open their mouths and let the sounds come out. The guest instrumentalist, from Italy, was so much fun to listen to and to watch. One time he played two flutes at the same time. He also played a unique bag pipe. Another time played a drum and a flute at the same time. The Chapel was nearly full. They sold CDs of some of their programs. One lucky lady won a free CD for filling out the evaluation. The group liked singing in our Chapel because of the great acoustics. They’ll be back sometime, I’m sure. (www.RoseEnsemble.org)

Election Day was a busy day. I worked at the Ward 1 polling place. We had LOTS of people come to vote. Many were same day registrations because they were new to our area or had moved since the last election. May all the newly elected officials work for the Common Good. God bless them all. May those who were not elected work with those elected for the benefit of everyone.

GIVE TO THE MAX day is Thursday the 15th. Support your favorite non-profit organization (and the Franciscan Sisters) and the amount will be doubled.

I hope the hunters were all safe and had good results.

Have a good week. Peace and blessings,

Sr. Mary Lou

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