We are well in the second full week of August already!

From all my years in the Catholic school system, I think in terms of the beginning of the School Year. It is coming soon. God bless all the teachers and students as they prepare for the new school year. I again look forward to reading to First Graders at Lindbergh School.

Well, we’ve had some very busy days around here. The first of two BIG events were on Saturday, the Feast of ST. Clare and the commissioning of the Franciscan Community Volunteers. Each of the six volunteers has a praying Sister. Shannon is my young woman, a wonderful lady. I gave her a journal and a little gift of two pins of little green turtles wrapped in green paper, in a green cloth bag. Later I found out that green is her favorite color and turtles are her favorite animal! One day I showed Shannon a picture on my camera of the little girl dancing at the Green Fair. Yesterday she gave me a drawing of that little girl. WOW!

Then Saturday evening we had a special Evening Prayer for the 25th and 50th Jubilarians followed by a festive dinner…then a slide program showing pictures of their lives. Sister Michelle’s Uncle and Aunt came from Texas by way of New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado, Banff and Jasper, Canada, North and South Dakota and other states. They travelled on a 3-wheel motorcycle and have been on the road for six weeks. Anyway, after dinner on Saturday, they gave me a ride on their machine. What fun!

Sunday we celebrated our Silver and Golden Jubilarians. Many family members and friends were here for the event. The Mass was a great celebration with lots of music and many instruments. For me one of the highlights was to have the composer of the first and last songs at the piano…Kathy Tisel Nelson. She and Father Anthony, also, beautifully harmonized in singing the Blessing of St. Clare toward the end of Mass. It was a great way to show honor and glory to a God who greatly loves us. The one picture shows how you can best handle too much visiting and talking!

Yesterday Larry Anderson, from Morris, MN, brought us a pickup load of vegetables from his garden. He brought 3 boxes of cantaloupe, 3 boxes of peppers and 10 boxes (582 pounds) of cabbages. In a week or so Sr. Ruth will be very busy making sauerkraut! God bless you and thank your, Larry, for this generous gift. We will keep you in our prayers. Today Larry is having foot surgery in the St. Cloud hospital. Let us keep him in our prayers for complete and quick healing.

At the EnLUNCHment this noon I will be talking about the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO). Fifteen years ago, I would have been finished after two sentences. Now I know a lot about the SFO’s and will give a longer presentation.

Saturday and Sunday we are hosting for the first time, a meeting for the GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs). May your meetings be good and may you find this a good place to meet.

The weather forecast talks about rains today, tonight and tomorrow. We are grateful. May the rains be gentle and free from severe storms.

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou

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