A thought for the week

A thought for the week by Charles Reads, an English novelist and dramatist:
We sow a thought and reap an act.  
We sow and act and reap a habit. 
We sow a habit and reap a character.
We sow a character and reap a destiny.

Our Dining Adventure for July honored the state of Pennsylvania.  When I think of Pennsylvania food, my first thought is of Hersey Candy!  What is yours?

The two big events of last week were a funeral and a death.  First the funeral.  We had the funeral of   100 ½ year young Sister Justina Beganek who died July 20th.  We had a great send-off for her…many family members and Sisters in attendance, wonderful music with the songs and readings she requested and a chicken dinner which was also her request.  May she continue to look on us with her blessings.

The death was that of Sister Cordelia (Cordy) Bloch.  The past week or so her family had been visiting for a family reunion.  On Wednesday morning when the nurses did their 4 a.m. check she was sleeping and the next time they checked she had died.  May she be enjoying easy breathing and free movement.  Eternal Life to you, Cordy.  Pray for us.  Peace and blessings to her family.  Sister Cordy’s funeral is Saturday, August 4th.

Last week, July 24-26, the Nursing Leadership Symposium took place here.  There were about 18 nurses here.  They like coming here because of our nice facility and good treatment they get when they come.  Many choose to stay in our guest area, though some stay at a local hotel.

Before she died, we were planning a reception remembering Sister Maristell Schanen for being the Franciscan Federation Honoree for 2012.  Honorees are Third Order Regular Franciscan Brothers and Sisters within the Church who: *Embody Francis’ and Clare’s witness to creative fidelity; *Nurture that ecclesial communion of love to which Jesus invites us; *Embrace the Church with all its ambiguities; *Energize and give hope to the doubtful and the discouraged.  The reception is Thursday (2:00—3:00 p.m.) in the Convent Dining Room.  Sister Maristell will be with us in spirit!

Wednesday evening, August 1st,  4 to 8 p.m. is the Green Fair Family Folk Festival.  There will be 57 vendors who have green items to share with us.  There will be many activities for children.  A popular treat is a slice of fresh bread with peanut butter and jelly.  Other food is also available.  A new thing this year will be tours of the Chapel and Convent. Last year we had nearly 1,000 guests.  It is a fun evening.  May the rain stay away those four hours.

Saturday is the day for the Little Falls Paint-A-Thon, a day when volunteers paint homes of elderly and handicapped persons who meet the financial criteria.  A large group of volunteers have painted over 200 homes in the past 20+ years.  The Franciscan Sisters provide the cinnamon and caramel rolls served at the breakfast for volunteers on paint-morning.  Several Sisters also help with the clean-up after the breakfast.

How’s this for a bon-fire?  The Eltgroth Family Camp-out was last weekend at the family farm near West Union, MN.  It took a while before we could roast marshmallows.

Blessings on your week.                
May the Lord send needed rain.                                                                                                    
Sr. Mary Lou    

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