“Dear mother earth, who day by day, unfolds rich blessings on our way, alleluia!"

“Dear mother earth, who day by day, Unfolds rich blessings on our way, alleluia!  Alleluia! The fruits and flow’rs that verdant grow, Let them God’s glory also show.  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!” (Verse 4 of the song,  “All Creatures of Our God and King”)

We sang several verses of that song Monday at our Earth Day Celebration.  We prayed St. Francis’ Canticle of Creatures, also.  Another part of out Earth Day service, too, was to plant two trees near Breezy Inn.  One tree was in memory of Rose Januschka, employee Steve’s wife, who died earlier this year…a Fall Fiesta Maple.  And the other tree was an Indian Summer Crab Apple tree in memory of Sr. Antonette Ahles’ family.  (Pictured: Steve Januschka and Sister Antonette Ahles)

On Sunday evening we had a gathering of people from First United Church and the Sisters in a prayer service, “Together for the Common Good.”  We reflected on how or where  do we encounter God’s Creation  and what does it mean to think of the natural world as a neighbor. (Pictured: Jeff Odendahl and Rev. Damen Heitmann)

Saturday evening we served over 300 people for our Spaghetti Supper.  It was a good event with lots of good eating and good visiting.  I always like to see family and friends sitting and visiting after they finish their meal.  The earnings go to the Health and Rec Center and to the Music Center to help with scholarships…worthy causes indeed.

According to my calculations we did very well on our blood drive.  Our goal was 231 and we got 252 units of blood.  I am impressed with the generosity of the people in this area.  Thank you

Every month we have a Dining Experience celebrating a different state. The question on the message board was, “What has an “O” at each end and a big “HI” in the middle?  “Ohio,” of course.   Some of our foods for the day were:  Amish Chicken Soup, Buckeye Candies, Pork Ribs and Kraut, Cincinnati Chili,  Hot Dogs Deluxe and Shoofly Pie.

This morning I went to St. Otto’s Home for a meeting that wasn’t.  So after I found out that we didn’t have a meeting I went to third floor to visit a friend who is recovering from shoulder surgery.  So my trip was not in vain and it was a great morning to be outside.  I took this picture of the three flags flying near St. Otto’s.

This afternoon we had a treat in the dining room and honored our Leadership Sisters and Staff.  We have a number of new employees and this was a way for everyone to see and meet the Leadership Team and the new employees.  The Values Committee had a clever way to get us “mixed together.”  Each table had a different colored napkin at the table.  When we went through the line we picked up a napkin and that was where we sat to eat our treat. (When I saw the variety of napkins, my thought was that we are using up all the left-over napkins from other gatherings!  It was that, too!)

We have lots of musical events coming up this coming weekend.  Friday night and Saturday the Music Center students are having their spring recitals at the Center –7 p.m. Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday.  Then Saturday night, at 7 p.m., in Chapel, we have the Legacy Chorale Concert and Orchestra doing Mozart’s Requiem.  And on Sunday afternoon our St. Francis Community Chorale will treat us to great music for their Spring Concert (in Chapel.)

The Lion’s Club was selling roses last weekend.  We were gifted with the flowers they didn’t sell.  So this week we have been enjoying beautiful bouquets of roses…and praying for our generous donors.  Thank you.

Today is the Feast of Saint Mark, the writer of the Gospel of Mark.  While we are not writing the Psalms or a Gospel, we do become living forms of God’s Word when we allow the Holy Spirit to speak through our lives (and we may be the only Gospel that many people will ever read.)  May my life be a Gospel written to proclaim God’s Good News to the world.

Peace and blessings on your week.                                                                                                                     Sister Mary Lou

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Michelle said...

Dear Sister Mary Lou,
Your blog is a great way to stay connected with happenings at the Motherhouse. Thank you for the pictures and the stories...I will be back to the Motherhouse in a couple of weeks; it will be good to visit after my 2 1/2 months here with the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph!
your Sister, Michelle