Instant Spring

The other day Paul Douglas, weatherman for the St. Cloud Times, said, “It’s like turning on a light switch: instant spring.”  It looks and feels like spring.  The snow piles are going fast.  In this area we won’t need to worry about spring flooding.  Rain is forecast for the first days of next week…a much needed blessing…I hope the rains come.

For our Dining Adventure this month we will be featuring the State of Massachusetts.  Thursday’s menu is a Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving meal of turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, Boston Baked Beans, and Boston Cream Pie.

This week workmen are busy in the dish-washing room taking out a wall and floor where there has been water leaking under the floor and causing problems.  We were told that we’d maybe need to use paper plates and cups for a day or so…not so yet.  In another week, all should be repaired and working well.
This is Food Shelf Month.  I learned that our Little Falls Food Shelf serves about 1,200 clients each month.  It is open three days a week.  There are about 80 volunteers who unload trucks, restock shelves and help clients when they come to shop.  The Franciscan Sisters started the Food Shelf here on our campus many years ago.

On March 22nd, The Franciscan Sisters and Employees will be serving the Share-A-Meal meal at First Lutheran Church.  Volunteer groups serve a free meal there every Thursday night all year long.  God bless those generous folks.  And good bless all the guests who come.

Wednesday evening, last night, was the end of an era.  Sister Maristell Schanen, age 93, finished the 14th presentation on the book The Emergent Christ: Exploring the Meaning of Catholic in an Evolutionary Universe, by Ilia Delio, OSF.  By using power point materials she put together and presenting the materials she made many of us understand the materials in this book make more sense.  This is the third time she has done like presentations for us.  God bless you, Sister, for sharing your wisdom with us.

While reading the paper today I noted an article saying the Encyclopedia Britannica will no long be published after 244 years and more than 7 million sets.  It was first published in 1768 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Britannica fell victim to the digital world.  In High School that was an oft used reference book.

Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon, we had a Sister/Employee In-service.  
All of us who fill out a time card were required to attend.  It was very interesting.  I’m glad I was there.

On Sunday we will celebrate Sister Lillian Kroll’s 90th birthday.  It will be a grand party.  I will take some pictures.

Another lovely puzzle was completed earlier this week.  The next one is underway.

Have a grace-filled Lenten Season.                                                                                                     Peace.                                                                                                                                                        

Sister Mary Lou

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