Lawns Are Growing Fast; Blooming Trees Are Beautiful!

Another sunny and warm day after a cloudy and rainy weekend that dropped over 2 inches of rain here in Little Falls…other places got from 3 to 5 inches of rain. If only we could send some of that moisture to places that suffer from drought. Lawns are growing fast. Blooming trees are beautiful. Farmers are concerned about getting their crops planted.
As I was taking a picture of my bleeding heart plant Sunday evening, there was a little humming bird feeding and fluttering its little wings enough to move the grass under the plant. What a wonderful sight to see.

Last Monday I took a picture of Sister Ruth with all her tomato plants. Since then most of those plants have found a place in our garden or have been sold. Those plants were so healthy and tall…it won’t take long before we will eat the fruits of her labors.

The department being honored this week is the Peace, Justice & Integrity of Creation Department. Jeff Odendahl does a wonderful job keeping us informed about justice items that we need to be concerned about. He also has a lead role in the prairie restoration project at our river-side place on the Mississippi River, named Umbria, near Rice, MN.

We had a room full of happy guests for the Volunteer Recognition dinner. The entertainment after the meal was enjoyed by all. Thank you, Volunteers, for all your services. We are grateful. We pray for you.

Tonight we will have Evening Prayer and Dinner with our Franciscan Community Volunteers. These young men and women have been with us the past 10 months doing volunteer work for non-profit organizations and learning about the Franciscan life-style.

The rest of the week appears to be kind of quiet…which is alright!

Have a safe and good Memorial Day weekend. Travel safely.

Remember those who have and are serving in the military services.

Pray for all those affected by the violent weather last weekend.

Peace and all Good.

Sister Mary Lou

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Anonymous said...

Exquisite bleeding heart-- it's been a long time since I've seen one.