More New Snow

More new snow! Three of us drove to Brown’s Valley yesterday for SFO business…140 miles each way from Little Falls. Ed did a fine job of driving on snow covered, slushy roads. Along he way I was noting the animals we saw: two owls, MANY pheasants, a flock of turkeys, many flocks of juncos, crows and black birds, buffalo and elk in pens, horses, cows and dogs.

On Saturday we had the funeral for Sister Marguerite Barbeln. Many family and friends were here to honor her. Thank you for coming.

The Benton County Home-Ec retreat was Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. I went to see what I could see Saturday afternoon. They come with sewing machines, ironing boards, fabric, etc. They have such fun learning to make wonderful things. I was fascinated by the cloth bowls they were sewing up: so colorful and pretty.

Judi and Julene, Archives Staff put together a lovely photo history to commemorate the 120 years of the Franciscan Sisters. It is titled “120 Years of FSLF History Through the Lens of a Camera. The album will be on display from March 1, 2011 through the end of February, 2012. The album gives a glimpse of some of the many events that happened in the First 60 Years and the Second 60 Years. I will need to take time to enjoy the pictures and narration and re-remember some of these events. Thank you, Judi and Julene.

The afternoon of March 1, the anniversary date, Sisters and employees enjoyed cake and ice cream at the coffee break. Thanks, Terry B., for the nice surprise.

Lent starts this Wednesday. Last week I said I’d tell you what I am thinking of doing. Let me preface this with information about a project of the SFO Youth/Young Adults. It is called the H2O Project. Access to safe, clean water is a really big problem in many parts of the world. This year the donations will be given to Catholic Relief Services (CRS) specifically for clean drinking water in Haiti. So I am going to take the H2O challenge for at least two weeks will make water my only beverage. If you want more information see SFOH2O@ hotmail.com.

Share Sunday is this coming Sunday at Mary of Lourdes Middle School. This is a fund raiser for Oasis-Share a Meal and the 3 Morrison County Food Shelves. There are 15 talent events as part of the event. The Franciscan Sisters started the Little Falls Food Shelf.

Remember to move the clocks ahead, spring ahead, before you go to bed Saturday night.

God bless you,

Happy Lent.

Sister Mary Lou

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