November 15, 2010

With our first real snowfall, I can say, “Winter is here.” Our little covering of snow is hardly enough to mention when I see on TV the 9 to 11+ inches of snow in parts of the State south of us.

Our SFO Regional Council meeting on Saturday was cancelled. All the snow in the Cities was the main reason. The road to Brainerd yesterday was dry.

On Sunday there was a Belgium Waffle Breakfast in Annandale as a fundraiser to purchase medicines for the mission trip to Nicaragua in January. Several of the Sisters from the Motherhouse attended.

Last week I was in Dave’s Framing Shop here in town. I saw the biggest puzzle I’ve ever seen. It was six by four feet and made up of 6,000 one-inch pieces! It was beautiful—and will be hung in the pre-school classroom at Bethel Lutheran Church. I can’t imagine working on a puzzle that size!

Last week, too, the Sisters and employees finished this beautiful 1,500 puzzle. It is very timely with Thanksgiving next week.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 16th, Fr. Tony Kroll will be the presider at our Bilingual Eucharist/Mass at 11 a.m. We have them several times a year. We have been learning any number of songs with Spanish words.

I hope all the deer hunters had/have good luck in their sport. The more deer they get, the fewer, hopefully, there will be on the roads.

God bless you.

Stay safe and healthy.

Sister Mary Lou

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