October 18, 2010

The temperatures are getting a little more fall-like, but the warm sunny weather surely is welcomed. The leaves are hanging tight on the oak trees, though most of the other trees have shed their colorful dress. Sister Joel has a lovely corn shock set up in chapel. Makes one really believe that fall is here.

They did it! The Vikings won their game Sunday. It didn’t look good at half-time.

Sunday was Mission Sunday. Who is a missionary? A missionary is one who shares her or his faith in Jesus Christ with other people and thus brings them to Christ and His Good News. I’d have a long list if, I listed all our Sisters who have served in foreign missions. Let us keep all missionaries in our prayers.

Early last Thursday morning, our Sister Gerard Wald left us for heaven. We knew she was on hospice and getting weaker. Then suddenly her breathing changed and her soul took flight. We welcome her body back to the Motherhouse this afternoon with a short prayer service. The Franciscan Wake is at 7 p.m. tonight and the Funeral is Tuesday at 11:a.m.

At the death of a Sister we do what we call Project Alert calls to all the Sisters.

Usually I am the one to make the calls, but because I was out of town most of the day Thursday, Sr. Julien did most of the calls and I finished the list when I came home. Besides the calls we also do an e-mail to all the Sisters who have e-mail. I do that, too.

We also do Project Alert calls at the death of a parent, brother or sister of a Sister.

Saturday, October 23rd is Make A Difference Day. Shaq O”Neal says, “ If you can help someone, do it. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. People with influence can help make the world a better place.” He is working to make a difference. How can I make a difference on October 23? And every day? Do it.

God bless you.

Sister Mary Lou

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