September 13, 2010

Praise God for several days in a row with no rain! Farmers are happy, I’m sure. The Arts and Crafts vendors were happy for the dry weather but could have stood a little less wind, especially on Saturday. Over all it was a very good weekend. As Block Host, I spent many hours at the fair these past two days and saw many beautiful and creative works. I would rank as #1 the original wood hand carvings by Richard Southard. His birds are exquisite! His booth was Impressions in Wood.

The food was great. I had the second half of a delicious chicken sandwich for breakfast this morning. I was gifted with a small package of Creamy Apple Dip from the Annie’s Garden booth and the directions to make an Annie’s Garden Apple Dip Cheesecake. I had a sample taste yesterday and can hardly wait to make it myself.

I drove through the downtown area about 6:30 last evening and except for the empty trash barrels and a few barricades, that was about the evidence of a big weekend in Little Falls. I want to thank the Chamber of Commerce workers and all the volunteers who helped make the 38th Arts and Crafts Fair such a success. It was another good event for our city

One thing I forgot to write about last week was that Sr. Maurita received the blessing of Community before she left for our mission in San Rafael, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. God bless all the Sisters living and working in our Mexico Missions.

We have two big events this coming weekend. First, on Saturday is the Sisters/Associates Retreat Day. Father Foley will be the guest speaker. It will be a good day.

Then on Sunday our Donor Day Appreciation celebration begins with Mass at 11 a.m., a delicious beef dinner with all the trimmings and a program featuring The Franciscan Volunteers.
Tomorrow I leave for a Secular Franciscan Order gathering in Beaverton, OR. And will return next Sunday. Pray for a safe journey for me. You travel safely, too

God bless you.

Sister Mary Lou

P.S. In my comings and goings through town this weekend I saw license plates from: MN, MT, IA, NE, VT, AL, ND, SD, WI, IL, MO, CA, CO, FL, TX. After seeing the first few license plates, I started making my list.

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