July 6, 2010: 4th of July Parade

I hope you had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July Holiday. I attended the 23rd West Union 55+ unit Parade. After an early morning inch+ rain, it was very pleasant to watch the parade—not too much sun and a very nice breeze. My brother and family rounded up enough people to form a marching Kazoo Band. The West Union Band marched and played, and then were part of the tribute in the park after the parade. (This band consists of anyone who ever played and instrument. They practice once, half an hour before the parade!) This small-town, rural parade has its usual fire trucks (1880s and new), tractors, old and new farm machinery, old cars, clowns, horses, and LOTS and LOTS of candy. My grand-niece, Abby, decided that going to a parade was hard work because she was so busy picking up candy. After the parade, there is a pot-luck meal served in the city park.

On my way back to Little Falls, I took a detour to Flensburg to see Sr. Deborah’s flower garden. The last couple years before she died, Sr. Deborah planted MANY, MANY perennial flowers and grasses. She must be smiling from heaven to see the joy that this beautiful garden brings to so many people.

Last week was the Girls Camp. From all I’ve heard it was a raving success. The 31 girls made many new friends, learned a lot and had good experiences. On arriving, their first activity, after and opening prayer service, was to paint their shirts. They did a beautiful job. I saw the shirts hanging up to dry and then later I saw the girls proudly wearing their creations. Sr. Sharon provided delicious camp meals. Many Sisters helped with the various activities. I expect we’ll do it again next year.

Fresh garden produce is coming in—raspberries, strawberries, black berries, lettuce, radishes, etc. Yummy!!!

Enjoy the days of summer. In January we will long for them!

Peace and all good.
Sister Mary Lou

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