June 1, 2010

I hope you had a safe and good Memorial Day weekend. There were lots of Graduations and parties. Sunday, on my way to my grand-nephew’s party at Sauk Centre, I saw lots of fine looking corn and grain fields. We do need rain. I pray for sufficient gentle rains and protection from damaging storms again during this growing season.

It was the middle of June last year when I posted a picture of the blooming poppies that grow by our house. This year they are two weeks earlier and are shining in all their glory this week. I just wish they’d last longer.

Last Thursday night was CEC (Continuing Education Center) graduation at St. Francis Center. They had 31 graduates who received a Little Falls High School diploma. Sister Julien presented the Franciscan Sisters Scholarship to Ashley Snyder, who will be attending Central Lakes College in the nursing program. A full house of parents, guests, School Board Members, Sisters and friends filled the gym. One very touching part of this ceremony is the presentation, by the students, of carnations to anyone in their life who has made a significant contribution to them in their years of schooling. One hundred fifteen flowers were presented. Laura, CEC coordinator, told me they had over 140 students in the CEC program this year. The Little Falls High School graduation was Sunday and the Franciscan Sisters also gave a scholarship to Jessica Ann Martinson. Congratulations to all the graduates. May you believe in yourself and help to make the world a better place. To all, may you have a safe summer.

One day last week the novices helped pull rhubarb. Then there was the washing and “cutting-up” party. In the end, we froze 30 5-gallon pails of rhubarb! That’s a lot. We probably will freeze one more batch and then have a year’s supply ready. It’s amazing all the things one can make with rhubarb.

Last week, also, we celebrated all our Senior Sisters—that’s most of us—with an afternoon treat. As I look at all of us, I marvel at the wisdom!

Our Episcopalian friends from the Diocese of MN (one Diocese for the State) are returning this week-end, June 4-5 for their Total Ministry Summit. The participants include Ministry Teams, ordained and non-ordained. As of today we expect 83 participants, including their new Bishop, Brian Prior. Twenty-seven of them will be staying overnight here and others at Motels or commuting. They have been coming here for their gatherings since 2005. Welcome, friends.

Peace and God bless you,
Sister Mary Lou


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Sr. Ann Marie said...

Sr. Mary Lou, I'm passing the Happiness Award that I received on to you because it give me great happiness when I read how you are sharing our charism.
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