May 3, 2010

We received about a quarter inch of rain the past several days. Lawn mowing can’t be far behind. There are so many beautiful blooming trees and shrubs. Makes it a joy to go for a ride.

Last Wednesday, about 30 Crosier Priests and Brothers were our guests for prayer, dinner and a trivia game. It was a joyful evening filled with much story telling and laughter. We are grateful to have their Community as friends of our Community. It was so good to see Fr. Ray, who is recovering from a nasty fall and bump on his head. At the end of the meal we sang our Franciscan Blessing over our guests. Then they sang their Crosier Blessing over us…first in Dutch and then in English. It was the first time I’ve heard Dutch sung.

St. Gabriel’s Hospital sponsored a Health Fair at the Little Falls Middle School last Friday. The Franciscan Life Office had a table with materials showing help for nurturing one’s spiritual life. St. Francis Health and Recreation Center had a table displaying the opportunities available there to nurture ones physical health. I spent an enjoyable hour + visiting all the displays. Thank you to all who work to keep us healthy and active.

Sunday afternoon several of us Sisters attended the St. Camillus Place Dinner and Dance at the Falls Ballroom, for mentally challenged adults and their families of our county. I don’t know exactly how many people were there, but it was a lot. They all seemed to have a good time. And I am sure there are many very happy, tired people today. I know that it is quiet at St. Camillus Place today as the residents rest from all the dancing and excitement of yesterday. This was the 25th dinner and dance. The first one was held in Rainbow Hall at St. Otto’s Home. We’ve outgrown that small space by many times.

The other big event on Sunday was the Spring Concert by the St. Francis Community Chorale. Those singers are so generous in all their practice time to put on such a beautiful concert! Besides making lovely music, one can tell they have a good time, too. Barb Stumpf is the director and they are accompanied by Vicki Spofford. Thank you for sharing your talents with a chapel full of enthusiastic listeners. Now they will have a summer break and will be back together next fall.

Before the Chorale sang, we were privileged to hear four Folk Songs sung by thirteen members of the newly formed Sestri Na Mir (Sisters of Peace) Choir directed by Celo V’ec. They sang Croatian, Bulgarian, Georgian and Macedonian Folk Songs. We have marvelous musical talent in our Little Falls area.

I close with a blessing of St. Francis: May knowledge of God become cleared in us that we may know the breadth of God’s blessings, the length of God’s promises, the height of God’s majesty, the depth of God’s judgments.

Sister Mary Lou


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