March 1, 2010

Today is our Birthday. One hundred nineteen years ago on this day sixteen women became the first Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, when our community was established here in Little Falls, MN. (3-1-1891)

Spring is coming! I like the longer hours of sunlight each day…and, yes, I know we will get more snow! I pray for the people who suffer because of natural disasters, especially the people of Haiti and Chili.

The Olympics are now over. Many of us enjoyed watching many events. I would never even think about doing some of the moves by the skiers or snowboarders! In his final remarks, one of the speakers last night said, “In these 16 days of Olympics, the participants went on to achieve greatness through the power of a dream.” Isn’t it so true. We each can do much through the power of our own dreams.

Last Thursday Charlie Maguire entertained the Sisters at their evening meal. He sang some of his original songs and played for us. It was an enjoyable evening.

Also last Thursday, there was a Service of Remembrance at St. Otto’s Home for deceased residents and hospice care persons. Since three of our Sisters were hospice care persons, they were included in the prayer service. I attended to represent my classmate, Sr. Camille Squillace. I knew eight of the 45 people listed on the program. This service is held twice a year. I am glad I could attend.

Last Thursday was a busy day! The Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting was held at the Falls Ballroom. After a delicious meal, we listened to guest speaker, Mike Max WCCO Anchor. I appreciated his talk on five characteristics of successful persons. You can tell successful persons: 1) In how they overcome adversity. 2) They learn what they have control over and take control of their own attitude and effort. 3) They learn how to deal with their own fears. 4) They surround themselves with great people and “join hands and go in the same direction.” 5) They work hard and don’t take shortcuts. And one remark that I liked was, “Tough times never last—tough people do.” It was a good evening and I am very happy that I could attend the program.

Yesterday afternoon we had a wonderful cultural experience in listening to the Mila (pronounced mee-lah) Singers. They are a group of 9 women who sing songs of the folk tradition of Eastern Europe—songs of village life and love. We heard songs from Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, Latvia and Georgia—all sung in their respective languages. The chapel was full of enthusiastic listeners. You can read more about them on milavocalensemble.com.

Tomorrow is the birthday of Dr. Seuss (1904). Read a children’s book. I always read one when I go to a book store.

On Saturday, March 6, 2010 we have Lenten Retreat day.

God bless you.
Sister Mary Lou

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