January 11, 2010

We are in a heat wave. Saturday morning it was minus 19 degrees outside. This morning it was zero and maybe by the end of the week we will be closing in on the 30s. Wow! January thaw? I hope so. My brothers are snow-birding in Texas. It was 28 there this morning and their exposed pipes did not freeze—for which they are grateful.

There is a retreat going on here at the Motherhouse until Thursday noon. Father Jude Winkler, OFM, Conv., is the retreat master. Of the 50+ Sisters making the retreat, most of them live here on campus. We are reflecting on the Gospel of Luke. This is a prayer-filled time for all of us. The Sunday Gospel readings this year are from Luke, so it is good to get new insights into this Gospel.

This is a silent retreat, so it is pretty quiet around here. During the retreat I’ve made it a point to sit in the dining room so I face the beautiful woodcarving of the Last Supper that hangs on the far west wall. This is a beautiful piece of art carved by E. Zelimar. It is about 20 by 36 inches in size and carved from one piece of wood and is about 2 ½ inches in depth. What talent the carver shares with us.

Yesterday afternoon at 3:30 our Sister Mary Seraphine went to heaven. Her funeral is Thursday at 11 a.m. May she be enjoying life with the Lord. She had fallen in her room on January 1st and had surgery on the 2nd. It was too much for her 93 year young body to take. She was so ready to go to a new home in heaven.

There is a Red Cross Blood drive here Wednesday, Thursday from 1 to 7 p.m., and Friday from8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The blessing at the end of morning prayer today is: May God give us peaceful hearts, fill our souls with joy and preserve in us the virtue of patience. Now, isn’t that something to think about for a while?

Pax et Bonum
Sister Mary Lou

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