December 7, 2009

We’re into the second week of Advent and the second week of December. Winter has come. Time for the heavier coats, hats and mittens! About 8 a.m. the “radio guy” said, “We are already up to 15 degrees.” I said to myself, “What is so great about that?” We have just a light coating of snow on the ground. Sounds like parts south of here will have lots more in a couple days.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Brainerd to help fill 1,200 little bags with birdseed—an SFO project. Our Fioretti Fraternity distributes these little gifts to the members of the five parishes from which our membership comes. Why do we do this? “St. Francis wanted all creation to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. It was his desire that all mayors and Lords of Castles issue a decree that would require the scattering of grain on the roads on Christmas so that our friends the birds might have something to eat.” We ask that the receivers of our little gifts feed the birds on Christmas Day.

Saturday, Dec. 5th we had a wonderful Advent Day of Reflection. The presenters were Sister Michelle and Brother David. They gave thoughtful and prayerful presentations based on St. Bonaventure’s “Five Feasts of the Child Jesus.” We were about 60 participating in the events of the day. Thank you to all who helped in any way with this day.

At noon lunch on Saturday St. Nicholas came with treats for everyone whether they were “naughty or nice.”

Wednesdays, every other week for the past several months, Sister Maristell has been giving a series of talks on Jesus as we know Him fro Sacred Scripture. What a marvelous lady she is to prepare and present such good material. Adult education to the finest degree!

This Thursday, December 10th, the local Lions Club will be coming to sing Christmas Carols in Chapel and then afterwards we will share pizza in the dining room. Sounds good to me!

Remember the two great concerts coming up this weekend. On Friday (7 p.m.), is the Christmas Strings Concert in Sacred Heart Chapel at the Motherhouse. And then on Sunday (13th) at 2:30 p.m., is the St Francis Community Chorale Concert--also in Chapel. Both concerts are well worth attending. I hope you can come.

May your Advent continue to be blest.
Peace and all good.
Sister Mary Lou

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