September 2, 2009

Such a variety of things to write about. I’ll start with Sunday’s celebration of Sister Justina’s 80th Jubilee as a Franciscan Sister. She walked proudly into and out of Chapel.

And when she renewed her vows she walked up the three steps to the altar level and spoke them loud and clear. It gave lots of us goose-bumps to hear and see her do this. Many of her family and friends were here to celebrate with her. The songs at Mass were well chosen: “The Summons,” “Here I Am,” “Center of My Life,” “My Song Will Be for You Forever.” Sister Justina’s most used words of the day were, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Congratulations, Sister. We admire you.

Last Wednesday we had the commissioning of five young men and women who are our Franciscan Community Volunteers. This is a new program for our Religious Community. These five volunteers will spend the next ten months being part of community and volunteering in areas that serve the poor.

A couple weeks ago, Larry Anderson brought us 30 heads of cabbage…large heads of cabbage. Sr. Ruth made about 35 gallons of sauerkraut on Thursday. It is fermenting away in the locker plant. On Friday, Larry brought us another 30 heads of cabbage. He also brought us two boxes of green peppers. A couple of them are the size of a football! Wow!!! Thank you, Larry. We will have lots of sauerkraut and coleslaw in the coming season.

In all the business of last week I completely overlooked the “O” Bloodmobile drive on Wednesday. It was just a one-day drive and they were looking for mostly type “O” blood. The goal was 85 units and we got 85 units. Thank you, generous donors.

Last week, also, about 30 Directors of Nurses were here for three days of meetings.

I have spent many hours sitting with one of our Sisters, Sister Camille, who is dying. When a Sister nears death, Sisters and Associates keep vigil with her and stay with her round the clock. Sr. Camille and I are the last two members of our class of ‘53.

The beginning of the week, I went to the movie, My Sisters Keeper. I had lots to think about after that.

We have a couple containers on our living room table that have milkweed leaves and branches with monarch cocoons hanging from them. In a couple weeks we can watch them hatch. It always amazes me to see that worm make the cocoon and then hatch into a beautiful butterfly.

Sister Joan Tuberty and Sister Mary Blasé Kulzer each had a brother die this past week. I attended the Wake service for Allen Kulzer Sunday afternoon in Sauk Centre, MN. The Tuberty services were in Florida.

Let us pray for one another.
Have a safe Labor Day weekend.
Students, have a good school year.
God bless you.
Sister Mary Lou


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