August 19, 2009,

Last Friday a retreat started that will end tomorrow noon. There are 55 Sisters making the retreat. So the house is quiet, for the most part. About half the retreatants live off campus during the year so it is nice seeing them around these days. Sister Clare D’Auria, is the retreat director. I sat in on one conference Sunday morning and found it very inspiring. While Sister Georgine is on retreat this week, I am working in the mailroom each day. So far, all is well.
While I was at Mass this morning, a beautiful bouquet of zinnias appeared at on the mailroom counter. They are so bright and pretty. I found out that Connie was the generous giver. My mother always had a couple rows of zinnias in our garden on the farm.
We are getting a little rain, with more promised later today and tomorrow. We are grateful to God for this blessing. Too, like my brother said, “Thank you, Saint Isidore.”
The housekeepers are scrubbing the floors in the two dining rooms on second floor today. So the Sisters who usually eat there will have a picnic lunch in Breezy Inn. Breezy Inn is our screen house just east of the main convent building. It is a nice place to sit on hot summer days.

Kari Goebel usually puts my blog on the computer. But she was married last Saturday and is off a few days, so Maria will assist me today.
Be safe. God bless you.
Sister Mary Lou

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