July 20, 2009

Today is the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. What a lot of events since that time. Where were you that day? I remember watching the TV coverage and thinking, “Could that really be happening?” I admire the people with the smarts to be able to figure out how to carry out the technology that was needed.

Where do I start today? Last week seems like such a long time ago…so many things going on. Last Tuesday we had 1 and 8/10s inches of rain—most of it coming in half an hour at 7 p.m. The rain came straight down. We had some street flooding in our neighborhood and some rain came into our basement, too. The lawns sure liked the rain.

Friday evening we had the Relay for Life event at Flyer Field, here in Little Falls. There were 190 survivors and care-givers at the 5:30 p.m. Survivors’ Dinner. The sponsors for the dinner were Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dr. Phil and Susy Prosapio. Thank you. The theme was Every Step Counts. There were over 400 walkers in the 38 teams that walked through the night. The amount of money raised at the time of the Luminary Ceremony was given at $160,870. The final total will be higher than that. God bless all those who helped organize that big event, especially Ted and Mary Pfohl and their many assistants. I again did the first lap around the track—the Survivors’ lap. Thanks Larry and Pat for walking slow with me. The Franciscan Sisters were responsible for printing the yellow programs.

The St. Francis High School All-school Reunion was the BIG event of the weekend! It was wonderful. So much joy in graduates seeing one another. Lots of visiting, laughter, and some tears. There were 550 at the Falls Ballroom for the dinner and dance Saturday evening. And about that many again Sunday morning for the Mass in Sacred Heart Chapel and then for the dinner. For at least one graduate, this was the first time she was back since she graduated in 1961. The graduates really enjoyed the tours to see the rooms where they went to class and to rooms where there boarders lived. Sister Judine received standing ovations for her work in organizing the event. We all know that it takes a LOT of people to help carry out such a huge event. So THANK YOU to all of them, too. There was as wonderful display of class pictures for all the classes and other artifacts all around St. Francis Hall that everyone enjoyed viewing. I wore my 1953 class ring. The picture shows the band uniforms and the gym and swim suits from an earlier era.

Next week we have the Morrison County Fair…another exciting event.

Enough for this time. Let us pray for gentle, storm-free rains.

May peace fill our world.
God bless you.
Sister Mary Lou


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