June 2, 2009

The lilacs are in full bloom, but are now starting to fade. The fragrance near the rows of bushes on the south part of our Motherhouse property is heavenly. On my trips to Melrose and St. Cloud over the weekend, I noticed many fields of corn that seem to be growing nicely. But we very much need rain. Let us all pray fervently for the gift of seasonable rain—not too much and not too little.

On Sunday we went to a pancake breakfast in Melrose. It was a fundraiser for the Franciscans in Brazil. Father John Schwieters, Sister Jean’s brother, is a member of that Community.

Last Tuesday we welcomed back another bus of troops. As I sat shivering at 8 p.m. while waiting for the bus to come to town, I thought, “What little I am suffering right now is little compared to what these men and women had to put up with for this past year during their deployment.” The police, the fire trucks and a group of patriot guard were in front of the bus as it came into Little Falls…and a long line of cars followed the bus.

Last Thursday the Little Falls Franciscan Life Commitment Group had a tree planting to honor Mary Kranz, who has terminal cancer. The new tree is on the lawn, west of the Motherhouse. Sr. Georgine took the picture of Mary and her family and the tree-planters.

Finally the Russian olive trees between Hurrle Hall and Mary Hall have gotten leaves on them. They really are late-starters.

Sunday was the Feast of Pentecost. We had a wonderful liturgy with lots of singing.
I read this quote which I though worth passing on: “This Pentecost, may God’s liberating and life-giving and boundary-shattering Spirit rush through us and our communities. Inspired by the Spirit may we discern anew the universal scope of God’s love—for humans and for all of God’s creation. (Rev. Peter Sawtell) I guess that can serve as a challenge for each of us.

The other day I walked around the west side of the Motherhouse. Pictured here are a couple of things I saw.

Pax et Bonum (Peace and Goodness)
Sister Mary Lou

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