May 13, 2009

We are past the middle of the week and here I am, just getting started on my blog for this week. Time flies!!! We had a little rain shower last night. The trees are flowering in Maple Island Park.

Last Thursday noon, Sister Georgine and I went to the Government Center to pray at the flag pole for peace. It was a national Day of Prayer. There were about thirty of us there for the event. I found it very touching to see the young and the older all so seriously praying for peace in the world, in our country, our state, our city, our families and in our own hearts. May God bless all our troops serving throughout the world. And may God take care of their families here at home.

Friday evening we had the Wake service for Sister Dorine Zupan. Her funeral was Saturday at 11 a.m. It was wonderful to see so many of her nieces and nephews and their little ones come for both services.

Saturday I was involved in the Regional Council meeting for the SFOs (Secular Franciscans). What a great group of men and women.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, fifteen of us from three of our living groups gathered at the Welcoming House in St. Cloud to honor and share about our Mothers. We saw pictures and heard touching stories about these great women. Then we had a delicious meal.

Today we had the blessing of the new kitchen area. What a joyous event. Pictured are Sister Mary Obowa and Terry Bernardy blessing the area with holy water as a hallway full of Sisters and Employees looked on. The finishing touches are being added to the food storage room. Then comes the challenge for the Dietary Staff to learn anew where everything is.

Tomorrow evening, Thursday, we are having our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. It is the least we can do to thank all the men and women who help us in so many ways.

The rhubarb is big enough for pulling and eating. So far I’ve made three rhubarb cakes. They seem to disappear quite fast. Tonight we celebrated Sr. Matthias’ Feast Day with a fresh rhubarb cake and ice cream. What cake was left, I gave to the nursing staff. I thought it a nice gesture to honor them during Nurse’s Week.

The Music Center is having recitals in the afternoon both on Saturday and Sunday. It makes my heart happy to see how well these students have developed their talents throughout the year.

Sunday evening there will be a Choral Concert in Chapel. They make beautiful music
together. I hope we have another big audience.

Our resident ducks are back. Every year a pair or two make a nest on campus. Then when the young are hatched they walk them across campus, across the highway, over to the Mississippi River. It is a sight to behold. Carl Simons, Jr., one of our volunteers, took this delightful picture.

A little slip of paper fell to the floor in my room the other day.
These two sayings were written on it:
“Just one person taking action can inspire others to do the same.” Leslie Agular.
“The only place you will find “success” before “work” is in the dictionary.” May V. Smith

God bless and continue to care for you.
Sister Mary Lou

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