April 27, 2009

Happy Monday. Spring is here. We had about ¼ inch of rain yesterday. Thank you, God and please send us more. The tulips, poppies, iris and bleeding heart plants are all up. And very soon the rhubarb will be ready for pulling. Rhubarb Crisp, here we come.

Thursday was bright and sunny as we celebrated Earth Day. We planted two soon-to–be flowering trees in memory of Father Jerry Ahles, OFM, brother of Sister Antonette Ahles. After the prayers and song of blessing, everyone who wished could throw a spade of dirt or a can of water into the hole. The trees are on the south side of the chapel walk-way and can be seen by everyone walking to Chapel or also from the Clare Residence dining rooms.

Last Friday we had a first for our Community. We had the burial of the cremains of Sr. Ramona Johnson. First we had a short Prayer Service with songs and prayers in Chapel. Then we had a procession to the cemetery. One of her brothers carried the little box. At the burial spot in the cemetery we had more prayers and songs. Always the last song is “Ultima.,” sung in Latin. The translation is: At our life’s last moment fleeting, Thine own Son for us entreating, May we, Christ with thee embrace Virgin Mother, grant this grace.”

On Saturday I went with my sister and sister-in-law, Cecelia and Louise, to the Quilt Show at the Weyerhaeuser Museum. What talent and patience to make such beautiful works of art from cloth and thread. I was especially impressed with a 108 X 108 quilt of 5,086 pieces made by Mary Fiechtmann. What a labor of love. Besides quits they also showed quilted vests and purses. It was a beautiful show of about 100 items on display.

Sunday was filled with activities. At the Falls Ballroom we had the 24th Spring Magic Party sponsored by the St. Camillus Place Advisory Board. This dinner and dance provides a wonderful opportunity for persons with developmental disabilities to share in a great social event with their families and friends. Our 284 guests all had a good time. I am on the Advisory Board.

Another activity Sunday afternoon was the Earth Charter meeting at the Motherhouse. Our speaker was Dr. Bernie Evans from St. John’s University. He spoke to the last two sections of the Earth Charter: Social and Economic Justice and Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace. One item that I will remember is “that peace is the wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which all are a part.”

And a third event on Sunday was the Spring Concert by the Sforzando String Orchestra and the Con Brio String Orchestra directed by Celo V’ec. The Chapel was full of appreciative listeners. At the beginning of the concert Celo introduces two special persons. They were 6 year-old Nathan Schilling who joined the orchestra in January of this year, and Jean Mosier, the oldest member of the orchestra who is in her upper eighties and played her last concert. They hugged one another and he was almost as tall as she is.

For me a favorite quote from the program was a quote from the reflection of Sibelius on life and art. He said: I have always imagined life as a massive block of granite. With willpower for a chisel, you hew the granite until it bears the shape you have sketched out. It is just as important to have your plans ready before you begin to hew the stone as it is to have a sharp chisel. We all have the power to chisel out lives according to our wishes.

The kitchen renovation is coming right along. It seems to me that most of the pieces are here and getting near to proper placement. I hear that next week the cooks will start in-service on how to use all these new pieces of equipment. I laughed out loud on Saturday when I noticed a little peek-hole in the plastic surrounding the kitchen. Some creative person drew a little eye with eyelashes around the hole.

God bless you.
Pax et Bonum.
Sister Mary Lou

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