August 25, 2008

I’m glad to start a new week…and it is cooler today. This morning, during Morning Prayer, I looked at the beautiful begonia plants hanging on the post in our front yard. They are at their prime right now. Why, when they are looking their best, does their season come to an end so soon with the first frosts?

Wednesday was the day our dear Sister Monica went to heaven. For the last weeks she has been in so much pain in her leg, back and hip. God is good to have taken her to heaven. In June she celebrated her 75th anniversary as a Franciscan Sister. What a day of joy it was for her. She had a great devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit. She lived and worked in Wisconsin for many years. Whenever they would travel back to Minnesota, she would say, “Watch for a white bird. That will be the Holy Spirit telling us that everything will be OK.” And so it was. As Sister Therese walked across the street for Sr. Monica’s Funeral on Saturday, there was a white bird flying over the street and over the Chapel. (That’s quite remarkable, because about the only birds we’ve seen around lately are the big black crows!) Sr. Monica’s Wake was Friday evening and her Funeral Saturday.

On Friday, my classmate, Sister Camille moved to the Motherhouse because of health reasons. I am glad to have her here, but sad that she is here because she is so sick.

When I came home after work on Thursday, I didn’t even have both feet out of the car when the neighbor lady came over to me and said, “You have a big problem in your back yard.” My question was, “What kind of big problem?” One of the three trunks of the big, old box elder tree had fallen over. It went from one side of the yard to almost the other side and took out the electricity, phone and cable lines to our house. The electricity was hooked up again by 4:45 and the phone and cable were back the next day. Next, the “tree-cutters” will come and take down the other two trunks. I’m glad we didn’t take out the services of our neighbors along with ours.

The Bloodmobile folks will be in St. Francis Hall on Wednesday, August 27th for a blood drive from 1:30 to 7:30 p.m. God bless all the generous donors who share their gift of life.

Schools will be starting a new year next week. May the gifts of the Holy Spirit be with both students and teachers so that the year will be profitable for all.

The big Little Falls Arts and Crafts Fair is coming soon—September 6 and 7. Please pray with me for favorable weather for this event. One year it was VERY hot and we thought we’d melt. And another year, the vendors selling sweatshirts and jackets did very good business because it was so chilly…mid sixties to mid seventies would be my desire…and no storms or rain during the day. I am again a Block Host on Kidder Street.

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou

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Joyce said...

Hi, Sister Mary Lou,

I had dinner with Rita tonight and she told me about your blog and your active life there in Little Falls. It was so fun to read the blog, it was just like chatting with you.

Joyce Haase