May 22, 2008

It’s quite a little pile of notes I have before me as I type this memo.

Last Sunday St. Francis Music Center presented a concert by the newly formed St. Francis Community Chorale, conducted by Barb Stumpf. The 30 women and men sang beautifully. To listen to them was a delight to our ears. Anyone wishing to join them can call 320-632-0637.
Sunday afternoon, eight of us Sisters went to Onamia, to attend the Jubilee celebrations for Father Ray Steffes, OSC, 50 years a priest; Father James Cashman, OSC, 60 years a priest; and Father Oscar Schoenberg, OSC, 60 years a priest. These are great men. It was a joyous event. The Crosier’s are most hospitable. Everyone was busy serving beverages and desserts as part of the chicken dinner that followed the Mass.

Last night I attend an Ecumenical Military Prayer Service at the Camp Ripley Chapel. I felt bad that there were so few people attending until today when I learned that there were many conflicting meetings. We prayed for service members currently serving overseas, service members waiting to be deployed, families of service men and women, service members re-entering society, wounded soldiers, fallen soldiers and for lasting peace. Pastor Gregg Valentine, Father Mark Innocenti, and Father Leo Moenkedick lead the prayers. Curt Hanson lead the music part of the service.

Tomorrow afternoon we will have a little party to thank Bob Dalen for his years of service in the convent Maintenance Department. We will miss him around here. He has helped me out several times when I was having car troubles.

Tonight CEC (Continuing Education Center) is having graduation at St. Francis Center for their 30 graduating seniors. The CEC program is such a wonderful program to assist students to get their high school diploma. It is good having these students on our campus for their classes. Each year the Franciscan Sisters give out one scholarship to a deserving student to help her/him continue their education.

Sunday is graduation for the Little Falls High School seniors. We wish them the best in whatever is next for them. May their celebrations be safe and without accident.

Blessings on you as you celebrate this Memorial Day weekend. Travel safely and be safe in all your activities. I will be going to Melrose for a picnic supper on Monday.

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou

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