April 14, 2008

"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning. Oh What a Beautiful Day…" Do you remember the song? It is on a tape I have in the car. And I sing along with it every time it comes up.

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is bright and cheerful. The pure, white snow is melting. Soon we will again see the grass getting green. Friday’s foot plus of snow coming down sideways, kind of put the city on hold. All the schools were closed as well as many businesses in town. I’m glad I got a room at the Motherhouse on Thursday night so I could get to work in the mailroom on Friday. I would surely have gotten stuck trying to come to work. Before work in the mailroom, I spent a little time working at the convent switchboard until Carol could get in. It seems everyone had to put their shovels to work…and four-wheel drive vehicles were much appreciated!

The Home, Garden and Leisure Show was held Saturday and Sunday at the Exchange arena. They seemed to have good attendance. One thing was sure: No one would be working in their gardens. Friday’s snowstorm took care of that thought. I went for an hour or so to see what I could see. If you wanted to build, remodel or add an addition to your house, you could have found several businesses who could assist you. I also saw some huge lawn mowers and four-wheel vehicles and one VERY fancy fish house.

This week the Bloodmobile will be coming. On Wednesday (16th) and Thursday (17th) it will be in St. Francis Hall from 1:30 to 7:30 p.m. and on Friday (18th) from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. God bless all those generous folks who give their blood to save the life of another. I have my five gallon pin.
Going to Mass on Sunday morning, I saw robins skating on ice puddles as they looked for water. There were many robins walking on the snow looking for food. They seemed pretty puffed-out to keep warm.

Sunday afternoon, I drove to Osakis to listen to the concert by the Gordan Men’s Choir. They are good! The youngest member was a five-year old young gentleman. His grandfather sings in the Choir. The little fellow came along with his grandfather for all the practices and sang along with all the songs, so the choir invited him to participate in the concert. He walked on stage wearing a white shirt, tie and black pants. Everyone clapped to welcome him. Two other groups also sang a few songs. It was all music of faith and prayer.

On my trip back from Osakis, I saw two male Ring-necked pheasants. (I haven’t seen any for a long, long time, so that was a joy.) I also saw a couple big flocks of blackbirds and a couple hawks or owls. I’ve heard, but not yet seen the neighborhood cardinal. I’m so glad the birds are back for the season.

Peace and All Good.
May you recognize the Lord’s blessings in each day.

Sister Mary Lou

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