March 6, 2008

Brrrr! Minus 7 this morning and colder tomorrow. I thought spring was coming. Not quite yet, I guess. I thank God for a warm, safe home. And I pray for the homeless and those who don’t have enough money to pay for warm homes.

This noon Heidi brought her 3-week-old son, Michael Thomas Quinn, to the Motherhouse for show-and-tell. He was sleeping soundly and paid no attention to all the attention he was getting from both Sisters and employees. Heidi works here in the Finance Department. News sure travels fast when there is a baby around!

Yesterday was the funeral for Sister Mary David. The day was clear and cold. I am grateful that so many of her family were able to attend both the Franciscan Wake Tuesday night and the Funeral yesterday.

Work on the Chapel refurbishing continues. I went in to take a little look the other day. It is very nice. Having Mass and services in St. Francis Hall works well. But, it will be nice to get back into Chapel in another 10 days. God bless the men who have been working so hard on this big project. And, Thank You God, for keeping everyone safe on the job.

Congratulations to the Little Falls Flyer Hockey Team. Though they lost last evening, they played a very fine game this noon and won 5 to 0. Next they play on Saturday.
Go Flyers, Go!

Remember to spring the clocks ahead one hour Saturday night.

Pax et Bonum (Peace and All Good)
Sister Mary Lou

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