September 12, 2018

One thing many of us think of when we say. “September 11” is the event in New York which took place 17 years ago…the bombing of buildings in New York and Washington, D.C.

The event in Little Falls the past weekend was the 46th Little Falls Arts and Crafts Fair. We welcomed over 120,000 guests and 500+ vendors to our city for this gathering. God gave us perfect weather and all were pleased with that. I always enjoy looking at all the creative and beautiful things people make. I bought a massage pillow, a bar of goat milk soap and this “My Minnesota Wall Eye!”

The amazing thing to me, is that the clean-up crew is so efficient that by 6 p.m. Sunday evening, everything is put back in order and you’d never know we had all that activity the past two days.

All the vendors that I talked with seemed pleased with the sales they had and that they planned on coming back again next year. 

St. Francis Center hosted a number of vendor guests Saturday night and a few Sunday night. (The ones that didn’t want to start the long trip home after a busy weekend stayed an extra night.)

According to the weekly calendar, this should be a quiet week. Other than a speaker at noon lunch on Thursday, I didn’t see any other activities. And that is OK, too.

God bless you. Blessings on the activities of the week.
Enjoy this beautiful weather…and pray for those in storms’ way.

Sister Mary Lou


August 13, 2018

Happy hot August Day.  It was 90 degrees at noon! And will get warmer as the day goes on. “The corn should grow good.”

At Mass yesterday we had the Commissioning of the 5 Franciscan Community volunteers. Such a nice group of young people who are dedicating a year of their life to doing volunteer work. I am including their pictures and a bit of information about each of them.

We have a retreat going on here this week until Friday afternoon so it is very quiet around here these days. The retreat director is Sister Sandra Schneiders, IHM.

Peace and blessings on your day and on your week.
Sister Mary Lou